Oscar "the Grouch" Diaz
"I can’t give you advice. No one can give you advice. All you can do is get inspired, and move in the direction that’s most rewarding for you."

Joe Rogan

"What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful."

Dalai Lama


That’s when I know every corner of my body is clear of cannabinoids.

"Revolution’s not easy,
with a civil war on the inside."

Breath - Anberlin

Got a wasp hive out of my car today

Those crafty fuckers crawled in through the cracks in the door and made their home between it.

Apparently it’s more common than I thought.

God damn

This is one of the best banana-peanut butter-oatmeal soy milkshakes I’ve ever made.

So much stomach pain today.

Feeling shitty and shitting just as much.

And that’s with a neutral diet of high fiber.

Naps and TV.

C’est la vie.

Out of weed.

Not only did I get my stomach pains, anxiety, and all that jazz back.

But I got a small pile of more bills to pay.

I love life.

Updated my theme

As well as my blog name. Someone finally gave this URL up, score.

Fire shits

Had a small bowl of chili, thinking it’d be fairly harmless. 10 minutes later and my ass is on fire.

I wish I had weed. Or enough income to support a proper diet for my stomach disorder.


With GIFs and music, a la YTMND style.