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I had a intensely vivid dream last night that left me a bit shaken until I cleared my mind through meditation.

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Had a dream

That I lived with the Community group.

We decided to go on a weekend trip. Most of the dream was spent with us packing. It was a bit chaotic, as they tend to be. At one point, after setting my clothes down and folding them, I noticed someone had placed them in the bag haphazardly. When I inspected the interior I noticed my bong was packed, as well as some other glass pieces I didn’t recognize. They were apparently Troy’s, and I had to explain that he couldn’t pack them that way without risk of breaking. I found it interesting upon waking that Troy would be the smoker of the group. Also had some food that I was packing. The group had torn into that as well, leaving me only half of my brand new bubblegum.

In the time that I unpacked the chaos, refolded everything, and repacked the clothes, food, glass, etc, I’d conversed with the group a bit. It was an interesting experience.  I had a one on one with Shirley. Other people walked in to the room from my past. I decided to take a shower, so I undressed fully - which scared off the non-Community group - and I head for bathroom.

I realized it was a dream and awoke.

Odd stuff.

Such an odd dreamscape these past few days.

Walked into my bedroom and noticed 3 packages on my bed. They were self-addressed and all different sizes.. I got the impression they were presents I was supposed to hide.

Dunno how I got on a boat, but I ended up out in the open seas. And quite rough ones at that. Peering over the edge the rails, I could see the vastness of the blue landscape. I noticed the water was a bit rough, nearly falling over the edge as we rolled over a particularly large wave. I pondered sea sickness from the rolling tides, but found that I was as always, a rock in the sea.

Another night of odd dreams

Every night this week has been filled with dreams. Each one an incredibly long sequence tying together that I remember during and after. Most have left me in cold sweats.

This time I was in a completely new environment pieced together from some fragmented memories. Someone had a stuffy nose, and came out of the bathroom complaining that every time they blew their nose, it got more stuffed — until they couldn’t breath any longer.

I was slightly stuffed, but when I entered the bathroom to clear my nostrils, the same effect ensued. I began breathing through my mouth, and with much difficulty, taking 2-3x the normal amount of breaths. 

I was on the verge of suffocating. I tried to accept it, telling myself that it’d be alright if I could never smell or taste again. I simply had to relax and catch my breath.

All the ruckus caused me to finally stir.

The strange part was that I wasn’t stuffy. Nothing was blocking my ability to breath. I was laying face up, a little uncomfortable, but unfettered.

Normally lucid happenings like that are based on events actually happening. Dreams of falling happen when you fall of the bed, dreams of suffocation occur when you’re face down or entangled in sheets, etc.

So it was odd for my subconscious to whip that up. Lets me know it was truly a message and not simply a warped perception.

"To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life."

Chogyam Trungpa (via alecstory)

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Koan 199

Fulfilling your dreams means overcoming your nightmares.

- การสมหวังความฝันของคุณหมายถึงการปราบฝันร้ายของคุณ

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"But I being poor, have only my dreams, I have spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

"He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven" - W.B. Yeats

"For it is by pain the heart is penetrated… Without pain the great musicians and poets and dreamers and thinkers would not have reached that stage which they reached and from which they moved the world. If they always had joy, they would not have touched the depths of life."

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Fun Night

Had a series of dreams of people attempting to wake me up. I was obviously trying to awaken during REM, so it was a form of sleep paralysis. The last dream ended with someone jamming a 6-inch needle into my hip, and me feeling everything. As if the pain weren’t enough, my mind wasn’t sure what I was being injected with(gotta love dream logic), so I convinced myself it was heroin. Suffice to say, I never need to try it, even in my dreams.

It was quite the pinnacle.

Sleep’s a bitch these days.

chroniccrystal replied to your post: Dreams of suffocating

You probably were going through sleep paralysis,

Yeppers!~ For one of the dreams I was “partially” conscious struggling to wake. Once I awoke I was washed in panic, making it difficult to drift off again.

Haven’t had a bout of paralysis in years, or combined with suffocating.

I remember an old friend telling me she used to have episodes of sleep paralysis where a shadow figure would strangle her, so she couldn’t breath.

I never took her as seriously as I did last night :p

oscar, you speak vtec? lol


oscarandrea replied to your post: EP3, n TYPE-S = K20

The a3 only revs to 6.7k and the vtec kicks in at 2.3k rpm. The vtecs also only on the intake side. I’d get an a2 personally (:

Haha, sorta, just happened to read the K20/K24 wiki page earlier today :p I’m looking for a proper K-series to swap for my future EK <3

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What five words do you see?
Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time.
I saw: Crush, Fool, Lust, Naked, Rage.




What five words do you see?

Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time.

I saw: Crush, Fool, Lust, Naked, Rage.