Oscar "the Grouch" Diaz

I had a intensely vivid dream last night that left me a bit shaken until I cleared my mind through meditation.

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Weird dreams continue

I was sleeping over what I can only assume was a Mike Tyson-esque mansion, because the nigga had a tiger. I was going to sleep in one of the bedrooms when I discovered people in it. They attacked me and my friend, revealing they weren’t people, but some sort of humanoid creature. A vampire/zombie affair, their skin was as hard as a rock while they had the strength of multiple men.

I was lucid so I decided to introduce a Skyrim element: magic. Blazed those motherfuckers. It was quite the scuffle. Switched to thunder and zapped the last one. Stabbed ‘em in the brain to try and kill him, but the blade broke when I tried to pierce his skin. Went for the eye instead, and jiggled it around in an attempt to scramble his brain. Apparently they had to die by fire, so I switched back and set him ablaze.

Went back into the room and slept. When I awoke in the morning, I found a tiger at the foot of the bed. I alerted my friend, and as we made a mad dash to collect our things, the tiger stirred. It started to follow me, bearing it’s teeth and snarling. I thought, hey, it’s a big cat, I should be able to distract it like a cat. I threw some blankets over it and dashed out of the room, then promptly out of the house.

Odd stuff. I really need to pay closer attention to what I’m exposing myself to right before I go to bed.


Girl and Gulls by WaterLightGallery.com
"What great risk to truly live,
We could die alone.
Self proclaimed meaning of bliss,
Is getting what we’re owed,
It’s always getting what we’re owed.
I am like a machine,
All that I really need is medicine,
And then I’ll fall fast asleep.
In my dream like state,
I’ll pretend I’m unscathed.
But when I wake my resilience fades
When I wake up my resilience fades.
How long? How long?
How long, long?
I know there’s more to life than slavery,
I’m tired of dying."

‘Medisin’ - The Classic Crime (Album: The Silver Cord)

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White on white


White on white

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