Oscar "the Grouch" Diaz

Green smokin’ galactus

I can dig it.

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That one got me pretty hard. I don’t know how everything’s gonna go now. I feel like I have to check out the books and read ahead.

Ah right? That’s what I was thinking too. I wonder how it’d all play out in the books, I’d love hear it from Kirito’s perspective. And to see if they drop those two bombs at different times, cause god damn that episode nearly gave me a heart attack by the end.

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And his sister’s revelation later? Fuuuuucckk man.

brkthru said: happy birthday man! take care, have fun hah

Thanks bro, will do!

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the theme on WHTM is looking amazing, man.

Thanks bro~

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i thought it was pretty aladeen too

brkthru said: GL on a camera this time, man!

Thank you sir, got my fingers crossed!